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Providence, RI 02906
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OBJECTIVE:  To work on problems relating to computer vision and robotics.


March 2009

M. Loper, O. Jenkins, N. Koenig, S. Chernova, and C. Jones. Mobile Human-Robot Teaming with Environmental Tolerance. Proceedings of HRI 2009 (to appear).

San Diego, CA

May 2008

N. Koenig and S. Chernova and M. Loper and O. Jenkins. Hands-Free Interaction for Human-Robot Teams. Proceedings of the ICRA 2008 Workshop: Social Interaction with Intelligent Indoor Robots (SI3R). Pasedena, CA, May 2008.

Pasadena, CA

June 2007

O. Jenkins, G. González, and M. Loper. Interactive Human Pose and Action Recognition using Dynamical Motion Primitives. In International Journal of Humanoid Robotics, pp. 365-385. Jun 2007.

March 2007

O. Jenkins, G. González, and M. Loper. Tracking Human Motion and Actions for Interactive Robots. In Proceedings of HRI 2007, pp. 265-372. Arlington, VA, March 2007.

Arlington, VA

July 2006

O. Jenkins, G. González, and M. Loper. Monocular virtual trajectory estimation with dynamical primitives. In AAAI 2006 Cognitive Robotics Workshop, Boston, MA, USA, Jul 2006.

Boston, MA

June 2005

O. Jenkins, G. González, and M. Loper. Learning dynamical motion vocabularies for kinematic tracking and activity recognition. In CVPR 2006 Workshop on Vision for Human-Computer Interaction, New York, NY, USA, Jun 2006.

New York, NY

August 2004

W. Matusik, M. Loper, and H. Pfister, "Progressively-Refined Reflectance Functions from Natural Illumination."Proceedings of Eurographics Symposium on Rendering 2004. (Patent filed June 18, 2004.)

Norrköping, Sweden




September 2004
to Present

Brown University PhD Program
PhD Candidate: Coursework includes Computer Vision, Smart Camera Networks, Forensic Vision, Video Processing

September 1997
to May 2003

Harvard Extension School: GPA 3.9
Coursework: Image-Based Modeling and Rendering, Geographic Information Science, Advanced Computer Graphics, COM Programming and ActiveX

Cambridge, MA

September 1992
to May 1996

Connecticut College: GPA 3.4
Double Major: Economics, Psychology
Honors: Deans Honors all semesters

New London, CT




August 2008
to September 2008

iRobot Corp.
Visiting researcher: Prototyped a point-and-go system for the maneuvering of an iRobot packbot, with the use of infrared fiducials and Wiimote accelerometers.

Bedford, MA

July 2006
to September 2006

Intern (NSF-IRES REUSSI recipient): Developed a system for video background segmentation incorporating optical flow and per-pixel hidden Markov models.

Grenoble, France

November 2003
to January 2004

Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs
Intern: Worked with W. Matusik and H. Pfister on the conception and development of a system for relighting objects in natural scenes.

Cambridge, MA

September 2002
to May 2004

Harvard Extension School
Teaching Fellow: Assisted in teaching “Introduction to Computer Graphics” and “Advanced Topics in Computer Graphics” with Hanspeter Pfister. Created and graded homeworks. Held office hours, and answered questions on the class mailing list.

Cambridge, MA

December 1999
to July 2000

Ximian, Inc.
Evolution Project Manager: Managed fourteen programmers in the development of a complete groupware solution for Linux. Adapted Bugzilla to distributed project management, collected and generated status reports for the team, and interviewed potential Evolution team members.

Cambridge, MA



March 2003
to May 2003

CamChecker Development
Created an application for finding the intrinsic parameters of a camera via Zhang's paper, "
A flexible new technique for camera calibration". Uses image processing to find chessboard corner points, and Levenberg-Marquardt nonlinear minimization to find the intrinsics. Uses VC++ and OpenGL.

Cambridge, MA

March 2002
to May 2002

Archimedes Development
Created an application to turn calibrated images into a 3D polygonal object representation, using the item-buffer version of the Generalized Voxel Coloring algorithm and marching cubes polygonization. Uses the MFC for a user interface, and has an XML-based file format.

Cambridge, MA


C++, Matlab, OpenGL/CG, OpenCV, CVS, Python, Perl